customised flat cable

for installers who want to build quickly and flexibly

The convenience of Flatcable-assembly.com:

  • You compile your flat cable online
  • Wide selection of components
  • Express delivery possible within 2 working days
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Save, copy and re-use projects
  • Own texts on the labels

Flatcable-assembly.com supplies customised prefabricated flat cables for large and small rooms.

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Flat cables

Why use flat cable?

Reasons for using flat cables:

  1. Higher specific connection capacity because flat cables remove heat more effectively than regular cables
  2. Fast, prefabricated installation, so multiple cost reductions for construction projects
  3. Pluggable solution based on Wieland GST or WAGO Winsta IDC
  4. Pluggable data for KNX or DALI
  5. ...

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Supply and tap-off modules for flat cable

You can make the flat cable suitable for different applications (e.g. for lighting and cooling) by adding components to the cable.

On the basis of the installation design, you determine which components (blocks) you need at which position on the flat cable. You can have several different components fitted per metre of flat cable. The supply and tap-off modules (components) fitted do not lead to any voltage loss.

Flat cable makes flexible layout of the room possible

You can lay and adjust prefabricated flat cables simply and easily. By moving or adding components, you keep the technical installation flexible. If, for example, an appliance is moved, you move the accompanying connection on the flat cable. In this way, you can respond easily to changing requirements for the layout of a shop or office.

Fast and flexible installation with prefabricated flat cable.

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Flat cable is suitable for both large and small installations

Because there are no limits for the length of flat cable, it is often used in large renovation and construction projects, such as retail premises or offices. With prefabricated flat cables, you can install many metres quickly and simply. As a result, a room is ready for use faster.

Flat cable is also highly suitable for small surface areas with different functions. With just one flat cable (with integrated KNX or DALI transmission signals) and a smart socket, you can install a complete electronic installation in a small room, such as a kitchen in a holiday chalet. Thanks to its flat shape, flat cable takes up little processing space. Because you can connect several components to a flat cable, you avoid a forest of wires.

Would you like to know more about the application possibilities for flat cable? Feel free to contact us.

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In 2016, Conntech developed a machine that enables components to be fitted quickly and easily to flat cable. Until then, we fitted the blocks manually.

The benefits of our flat cable machine, which is unique in Europe, are:

  • reduced production time
  • fast delivery at commercial rates
  • reduced risk of errors due to automated measurement and testing
  • guaranteed quality of our end-product
  • no limits in terms of required cable length
  • improved working conditions in terms of occupational health and safety
  • tighter packaging of the flat cables (in ‘pancake' form or on a pulley block for lengths of >20m)

With Flatcable-assembly.com, you can be sure of being able to install a good product in no time.

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Demo Configurator

With our configurator it's possible to design flat cables at your desk. To get an impression to how it works you can use the demo-account.

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Configure a demo, get to know how easy the design works and see the costs in an instant:

  • Work with your basic drawings;
  • Decide length, start shortly before the first connection/junction;
  • Position the connectors at point where you are used to position the junction box;
  • Choose your label;
  • Divide the connectors over the 3 phase (3x16A);
  • Use the order button;
  • All your colleagues have to do is rolling out the flat cable in a cable tray and plug-in the connectors. You will be saving on the installation hours!

Any questions? Please do contact us.


Compile your flat cable online here

At Flatcable-assembly.com, you can easily order customised prefabricated flat cables for large and small rooms. You will receive your order within two weeks. Extra short lead times are possible for urgent orders.

The benefits of Flatcable-assembly.com:

  • Wide selection of components
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Faster ordering process for similar orders
  • Personalised label texts free of charge

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Flatcable-assembly.com is part of Conntech

Conntech is an prefabrication production company in Elst (Gelderland), the Netherlands. The name ‘Conntech' is an abbreviation of Connection Technologies. The company's objective is to realise smart and flexible connections of technologies, objects, people and organisations, together with partners.

Conntech conceives and designs installation concepts and components which help installers save time and costs and with which they can easily upscale or downscale within a project, or can improve the quality of a technical installation. The designed technical installation parts are produced at the company's own plant. Prefabricated flat cable is one of Conntech's smart installation concepts. Until 2016, Conntech compiled the flat cables manually for one of its customers.

Conntech has since developed a unique flat cable machine. This machine is the only one of its kind in Europe. This flat cable machine has halved the processing time for customised flat cables and has improved their quality and the working conditions.

Customised prefabricated flat cables can now also be ordered for external customers via Flatcable-assembly.com. In ordering, you can enter precisely what your requirements are. We then produce the customised flat cable for you within two working days.

Would you like to know more about Flatcable-assembly.com or Conntech? Feel free to contact us.

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